Located in New York City, 2(x)ist has gained worldwide fame for creating excessively stylish and fashionable menswear. Eminent designer Gregory Sovell started this brand in 1991. Under him, 2(x)ist expanded to become one of the most popular brands and now, every fashion-conscious man looks for a 2(x)ist outfit. After Gregory Sovell left in 2005, the position of creative director was taken over by Jason Scarlatti.

The efforts of the talented designers of 2(x)ist is indeed praiseworthy. Within 2 decades, they have come up with some chic, modish and comfortable tank top T shirts and short sleeved T shirts that are liked by men a lot. Their jockstrap underwear and thong underwear are designed to suit a perfectly carved manly physique. 2(x)ist has also come up with some exclusive and trendy boxer brief underwear and brief underwear. To consider 2(x)ist’s long underwear pants, one can say that it is created with the sole intention of providing comfort and ensuring a snug fit to the wearer. Socks designed by this brand are not only comfortable but also available in varied colour combinations.

As the forerunner in designer men's underwear, 2(x)ist is today's choice for the man who wants the latest look in casual but sophisticated underwear. It will take you from home to out on the town in comfort and style. Cut to accentuate a man's body, 2(x)ist has truly taken underwear to a new dimension. Comfort and good design have put 2(x)ist on the cutting edge of underwear fashion, and brought a new sense of style to what was once a purely functional part of one's wardrobe.

It is said by many men who have worn 2(x)ist underwear that its fabrics are the softest and most comfortable in the world. Let us take you through a quick tour of the 2(x)ist underwear brand. Why are they at the forefront? Because:

  • They set the trends, not follow them, by always using new fabrics, vibrant colors and innovative designs.
  • They work around the clock to provide men around the world with underwear that is always softer, sexier, dryer, more elegant and more comfortable than any produced by the competitors.
  • Due to their constant research, they know more about what kind of underwear you need than you know yourself.
  • They don't shy away from trying out new things.
  • They respect Mother Nature by using soy cottons to make underwear. This fabric is regarded as some of the finest, most comfortable fabric today, and is even considered to be more luxurious than cashmere.