It was ace Australian designer Jason Hoeung who decided to launch his own line in order to bring forward some exclusive and fashionable menswear. As a result, 2EROS was founded in 2008. 2EROS or rather "To Eros" is named  after Eros, the Greek God of love and passion. It can be said that symbolically Eros represents manliness and sex, and 2EROS or "To Eros" actually means - to the Greek God of love and passion.

Looking at the sexy and trendy designs of their bikini swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear, no one can deny that their swimwear can elevate the sizzling manly looks on the beach. Creating their brief underwear and boxer brief underwear from the finest fabrics, this Australian brand has gained immense popularity among men. While designing each outfit, 2EROS considers the well-toned, chiselled physique of the fashionable man. So, even their casual apparel like shorts are designed to make you look sizzling. Apart from their modish and stylish men's swimwear and men’s underwear, their chic and armbands and bracelets are also quite popular among today’s men.

The name '2EROS' can be read in two ways: 'ZEROS' and 'to Eros'. Zeros represents the two circles of the logo which in turn represent the male assets. Eros, the god of love (also known as Cupid) is known to have a perfect body and has the task of promoting love. And so 2EROS can also mean 'to the god of love' - the brand a gift to men with confidence.

2EROS has designed a range of swimwear for men looking for simple designs with a great cut. The brand delivers quality garment made here in Australia by one of the industry's respected manufacturer. The style and cut is what will differentiate 2EROS from other swimwear label. The brand represents a man of style and confidence who enjoys the attention of onlookers. The brand came about due to demands for fashionable simple swimwear that doesn’t target men who wants a sports brand or a surf brand but a swimwear brand that defines them as fashionable and confident.