Since its inception in 1898, Activeman has been producing some comfortable men’s underwear, especially jockstraps.  Earlier, this brand designed their various products under the brand name of Bub and Flarico. Later in 1984, the John B Flaherty Company purchased their company Martin, Inc. It has been over 100 years and the brand is still going strong inspite of all their powerful competitors.  Based in Piedmont, United States, Activeman is still quite active in bringing out some stylish and trendy men’s underwear that immediately become popular with fashionable men around the world.

Whether it is their choice of high quality fabrics or the efforts of their designers to create comfortable yet chic underwear, everything they make is just amazing! The boxer brief underwear designed by this brand ensures a snug fit, and is comfortable and stylish. You have to appreciate their designer’s efforts that have made traditional brief underwear look exceedingly trendy. Their G-strings and jockstraps are ideal for those who regularly indulge in rigorous fitness sessions and athletic activities and their jockstraps and G Strings are available in varied colours, which give you the opportunity to select your favourite colour. The thong underwear produced by this brand is also quite comfortable and trendy.