Alick Alexander

If comfort and style matters, then, only one name crops up repeatedly - Alick Alexander. A leading brand of men’s underwear, Alick Alexander came into being in December 2007. In November 2008, this brand opened their first retail store. With a group of talented designers, Alick Alexander creates some stylish men’s underwear, which is available in vibrant colour combinations and ensures an amazing fit.  Initially, they distributed their products at specialised underwear stores in London. However, the designs and colours of their products became so popular among men that soon this brand became one of the leading brands in London.

Their main designer is based in London; as a result, this brand is constantly aware about the changing styles, tastes and demands of men. So, they keep creating innovative and unique designs for men’s underwear every season. If you want to look stylish and smart then there’s nothing better than their boxer brief underwear. Alick Alexander’s boxer brief underwear is available in a wide range of vibrant colours and their design ensures a perfect fit. Their brief underwear designs are equally colourful, comfortable, stylish and chic.