All That Remains

Fashion designer Gregory Sovik established his brand All That Remains in 2004. Combining his innate talents and creativity, Gregory Sovik has made his brand well known not only in the United States, but in other countries as well. This designer believes in using only high-quality and breathable fabrics for creating his edgy, trendy and stylish menswear that offer the wearer complete comfort and ease. Each apparel is designed keeping the muscular, male physique in mind. Moreover, their various menswear designs are available in a wide range of colour combinations.

All That Remains creates some exquisite, chic and trendy bikini swimwear. It is because of the cut and the detailing that their bikini swimwear tightly adheres to the body. Unlike traditional trunk swimwear, their square cut trunk swimwear is quite contemporary and sporty, and is designed to enhance any well-toned, manly physique. Their hip-hugging brief underwear designs are immensely stylish. Men also prefer their tank top T shirts that come in unique prints and varied colour combinations. The presence of cotton lycra make their tank top T shirts quite stretchable, and the sleeveless design complements a muscular body.