American Bench Craft Riveted Leather Key Chain Cardholder Snap Closure Wallet


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Please choose your colour (Leather & Hardware) by typing the colour name in the "Your Colour" field.Leather Color: Black, Natural.Hardware Color: Gold, Silver.Dimensions: Width 4 1/2 inches. Height 2 5/8 inches. Depth 1/4 in... [read more]


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  • Please choose your colour (Leather & Hardware) by typing the colour name in the "Your Colour" field.
  • Leather Color: Black, Natural.
  • Hardware Color: Gold, Silver.
  • Dimensions: Width 4 1/2 inches. Height 2 5/8 inches. Depth 1/4 inches.
  • The Key Chain Cardholder by American Bench Craft is the perfect accessory for carrying a few cards and cash bills wherever you go. It’s stylish yet durable design is ideal for formal events, a night out on the town, a trip to the gym, traveling or any other time you don’t need all the contents from your regular wallet.
  • This convenient case is also perfect for college life as IDs and Cards are quickly and easily accessible while carrying books and bustling around campus.
  • The Riveted Leather Key Chain Cardholder has a single pocket capable of holding up to 8 cards and can be linked to your keys using the attached trigger hook clasp.
  • This Key Chain Cardholder is constructed from a single piece of full grain leather, die-cut from one of our beautiful, vegetable-tanned hides. We fold the leather and secure the cardholder using metal rivets, NO THREAD STITCHING. Finally, we stamp and finish the cardholder using simple hand tools for an entirely handcrafted product, proudly Made-in-the-USA.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather - completely all-natural and is meant to break in over time, improve with age, become more supple with use and develop a unique and beautiful patina that is entirely your own. Additionally, vegetable-tanned leather is environmentally friendly, requires skilled craftsmen to produce and dye, and smells like leather, not chemicals. All of this ensures our wallets are of the highest quality and will not wear away with age or use.
  • Metal Rivets - hold up better against the heat and friction that result from constantly pulling your wallet out of your pocket and putting it back in. Over time, heat and friction fray thread which is why many wallets ultimately fall apart. Heat and friction simply polish metal; making rivets a unique, strong and attractive alternative to thread stitching.
  • Single Piece of Leather - ensures our wallet’s long lasting strength and durability. Simple products are more durable. Fewer parts equal less susceptibility to failure.