Ann Chery

It was 1982 when Ann Chery chose Colombia as their base to start their company. It is indeed praiseworthy to see how this brand has grown into one of the most well known brands creating excessively stylish apparel for men in the last 30 years. The brand has now spread its branches into Mexico and parts of the United States. The credit for creating such modish and exclusive apparel obviously goes to the team of talented designers of Ann Chery who have dedicated their time and effort towards bringing out trendy designs that have become widely popular among fashionable men worldwide. They believe this is only the beginning. Their aim is to be among the top five apparel companies in Colombia, and they aspire to capture 20% of the national market by 2015. They want to grow and expand in places like Mexico and United States and become equally popular in Europe and Australia.

The apparel created by this brand is trendy and exclusive. Their shapewear is made from high quality, stretchable fabrics and helps in retaining the curves and shape of your manly physique. Their tank top T shirts help you to be casual yet stylish. Check out Ann Chery today!