Established in 2011 in the Slovak Republic EU, Aqalogy is one brand that has moved away from traditions and conventions to create some exceptionally trendy men’s underwear. It is no wonder that just within one year this brand has reached great heights. Their creations are targeted towards a section of society that is bored of wearing typical and traditional boxers available in drab shades and want some colours and fun in their lives. These people invariably choose Aqalogy men’s underwear which is obtainable in playful and funky designs, all of which are contrasted and matched against colourful backgrounds.

Their boxer brief underwear is in great demand not only for its exceptional designs and perfect fit but also because of the premium fabrics that are chosen by the ace designers of this brand to create the underwear. Due to the presence of cotton, lycra and spandex in their creations, their boxer brief underwear are quite comfortable as well as stretchable. Moreover, each boxer brief underwear is provided with a considerably broad waistband that gives added support. Unlike traditional boxers, these boxer brief underwear are available in eye-catching designs and patterns.