With their base in Croatia, Ballbra is one of the leading brands creating exceptional men’s underwear. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of men, this brand believes in manufacturing some comfortable as well as trendy underwear that simply enhances your sex appeal. It was founded by Kreso Gotovac who was born in Canada, who started his own line to meet the fashion demands of stylish men locally. Basically, the designer believes in using the finest fabrics for creating Ballbra underwear for more comfort. Ballbra have now become one of the most popular designer brands worldwide with men all over the world desiring their products.

Their boxer brief underwear is especially designed to provide maximum comfort and ensure a snug fit to the wearer. Their boxer brief underwear are available in varied sizes. Ballbra understands that jockstrap underwear are designed to provide adequate support and comfort to the wearer. So, their jockstrap underwear fulfils these demands. Moreover, the jockstrap underwear are available in a variety of colours and combinations that are indeed eye catching. The waistband and the leg straps of their jockstrap underwear provides adequate support while their G-strings and brief underwear is also very stylish.

The Ballbra is a new product, which has the look and feel we all deserve. Wearing the Ballbra will give you extra sex appeal towards your partner with fabulous lift and support, not imaginable before. The Ballbra is futuristic and very high tech underwear that can be worn by a man while making love or to intensify masturbation. Each Ballbra user can make the decision to leave the penis free, or to tuck it away within the Ballbra pouch, depending on how you lift or lower your Ballbra technically advanced waist band. The Ballbra section enhances erection by letting the penis have freedom of movement while harnessing the balls which produce explosive orgasms. The fun does not stop there as the Ballbra can be worn daily, giving you the fabulous lift, support and comfort you deserve. Wearing Ballbra underwear is a truly unique and erotic experience.