Big Roger

Since its inception, Big Roger has been creating a wide range of stylish menswear, all designed carefully and exclusively to cater to the needs of metrosexual men worldwide. With their office located in Davie St, Vancouver, this brand has gained immense popularity in recent years. The reason is, of course, the efforts of their ace designers and their team of workers who put in a lot of effort to create some exclusive outfits for men, which are crafted from high-quality fabrics to keep the wearer comfortable all the time.

Unlike traditional boxers, their boxer brief underwear are quite trendy, sporty and chic.  While designing their brief underwear, they have defied all the conventions and made the brief underwear excessively stylish and modish. Both their boxer brief underwear and brief underwear designs are available in two demanding colours –blue and grey. Moreover, the presence of the graphic and the brand name makes this underwear quite fashionable. They design some exclusive jockstrap underwear that are made with the sole intention to keep you comfortable all the time. Big Roger jockstrap underwear is available in blue and grey as well.