Blue Line

Blue Line is now considered one of the leading brands creating sexy, stylish, racy and unconventional men’s underwear and other men’s outfits today. This brand is based in Los Angeles and named after the popular Blue store chain located in Chelsea. Although Chelsea is known as New York’s popular gay neighbourhood, Blue Line does not believe in any sort of discrimination and demarcation. In fact, their underwear and outfits are designed for individuals of any sexual orientation. This line of menswear has been praised by celebrities like Sarge Logan, an adult performer for Hollywood Men, for designing comfortable and trendy underwear.

Blue Line designs some sexy, sporty and skimpy G string underwear, jockstrap underwear and thong underwear that are really liked by all men. Their boxer brief underwear and brief underwear are designed to defy all sorts of conventions and traditions. These are trendy, chic and highly modish and perfectly suit the manly, chiselled physique. For the man who wants to remain comfortable and yet look ravishing, there’s nothing better than Blue Line bikini underwear, available in a multitude of colours. Anyone with a hot, muscular and sculpted physique will look attractive and startling in their hot and sexy short sleeved T shirts and tank top T shirts.