Gary Talbert, a native from North Carolina, founded the brand BoyJewels which expanded to become one of the leading brand creating accessories and outfits for men and women globally. It was in 1983 that Gary Talbert shifted to Atlanta and started creating exclusive jewellery for women. Slowly, Gary expanded and now he comes up with some exclusive collection of men’s accessories and outfits. This ace fashion designer chose Atlanta to be the base for his brand. At present, high-profile boutiques also feature his collections, and BoyJewels has become a popular name in the United States. Emphasising mismatched metals and certain asymmetrical designs, Gary creates some unique and innovative accessories that simply make a man look elegant and funky at the same time.

BoyJewels offers some funky and trendy armbands and bracelets that are desired by all fashionable men. Their belts and buckles are quite eye catching and match any form of outfit. Those who love to look different, cool and funky will surely cast their glances at BoyJewels necklaces and pendants, while their short sleeved T shirts are designed to make you look casual yet hip.