CA-RIO-CA was founded in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The word CA-RIO-CA is derived from the language of the Tupi people, the original dwellers of Rio.  In their language, a resident or native of Rio de Janeiro is referred as Carioca. Since its inception, this brand has been creating some stylish men’s underwear and swimwear-all displaying the energy and spirit of their land.  In fact, their swimwear is all handmade at Ipanema Beach.

Their vibrant and sexy CA-RIO-CA bikini swimwear truly embodies the colours and styles of Brazil. Their square cut trunk swimwear is designed to make the well-toned, muscular manly body immensely attractive on the beach.  Proper combination of lycra, polyamide and spandex make their swimwear highly stretchable and ensures a perfect fit. Their short sleeved T shirts are quite trendy and offers nice casual look to men as well. CA-RIO-CA Shorts are ideal for fitness sessions and like their entire product, these shorts are quite vibrant and chic. Their stylish hats are available in different colours and their necklaces and pendants go with different outfits.