CHIZL Mensware

Even though it originates from a small place like Cunupia, CHIZL Menswear has made its special place in the men’s fashion world. Cunupia is a small town located in the central part of Trinidad, and this brand which is from that small town, has developed and expanded since its inception. Now, CHIZL Mensware is considered to be one of the popular brands creating innovative, sporty and bold men’s underwear. In 2011, CHIZL Mensware was a part of a fashion show held at the Convention Centre Hall in Chaguaramas along with a jazz music festival. Basically, this brand emphasises on creating sexy and exclusive underwear that embodies a local Caribbean style and spirit. The brand offers a range of bold and chic boxer brief underwear available in a vast assortment of colours. The brand’s ace designers have combined their skills to create these underwear styles that perfectly suit a manly, chiselled physique. CHIZL Mensware also creates some vibrant, cool and stylish loose boxer shorts underwear that make men look hot and sexy. The patterns and prints made on their loose boxer shorts underwear perfectly blend with the colours, energy and the culture of the Caribbean islands.