California Muscle

California Muscle was founded in 1985. Initially, this brand only dealt with fitness outfits that were offered to gymnasts and athletes at Venice Beach. This company is located in Los Angeles, California and mainly focuses on contemporary, funky and unconventional designs with a focus on gay culture. By creating quite chic and trendy men’s swimwear, underwear and other outfits, the brand had already become popular among metrosexual men. However, their fame spread everywhere when “Queer as Folk” and the “Showtime Show” featured their exclusive underwear. Moreover, their fame suddenly escalated when Evan Marriott, one of their models, was selected for the Fox TV show, Joe Millionaire. It will not be an exaggeration to say that California Muscle designs some trendy, skimpy and sexy bikini swimwear and thong swimwear which simply enhance the male body. Their sizzling shorts that provide a glossy, leathery look and made from lycra and nylon perfectly adheres to the body. Men who prefer trendy, hot, daring and sporty underwear will surely love their thong underwear and their jockstrap underwear - all designed to boost your sex appeal. Their body-hugging boxer brief underwear with snap-off front pouch and inner C rings uplifts is quite exclusive and stylish and their California Muscle brief underwear is also liked by men for being excessively trendy and chic.

California Muscle underwear - with inner c rings uplifts, snap-off pouch fronts and innovative styling, California Muscle creates inspired men's underwear in raunchy leather-look nylon/lycra. They maintain high quality standards and attention to detail by manufacturing sexy, daring, erotic and playful styles.