Efforts of chief designer Jennean Munro and the other members of the brand Chammyz resulted in the creation of some exclusive and stunning menswear.  As this brand puts it, “Stay Warm. Stay Dry. Stay Comfortable. Stay Active.” -  This is a motto which they adhere to when they design their different outfits. Their products are indeed functional and fashionable, at the same time. Chammyz is based in California, but in recent years has become widely popular among men in other countries. Chammyz believes in using eco-friendly and natural fabrics for manufacturing their various products. Apart from being comfortable and soft, their fabrics wick excess moisture and also protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays. Their cool and stylish shorts are designed to provide complete comfort to the wearer. In fact, their shorts are also suitable for various workout sessions. Chammyz sleep and loungewear is so soft and breathable that it is almost like wearing nothing! Those who want to remain at ease and comfortable after a hectic day will surely pick Chammyz lounge pants. Style and comfort come together in their eye catching sweaters and outerwear, and their hats are also quite trendy.