When the name “Citizen” was adopted by its founders, they had only one intention in mind; they wanted people from every nook and corner of the world to like their products. Citizen was founded in 1918, and with the passage of time they have achieved their goal of worldwide recognition. Today, Citizen is a well known brand recognized by people all over the world.  Citizen is famous for manufacturing watches based on advanced technology and innovative ideas. This brand is also aware of the immense deterioration and onslaught on nature. So, they have introduced their highly functional Eco-Drive Collection. With their headquarters located in the United States, no one can deny the fact that Citizen is the biggest watchmaker in the world today. Citizen watches are sleek, classy and elegant-perfectly designed to suit the refined tastes and styles of sophisticated men. Long lasting, water-resistant and upgraded - the stylish Citizen Black Croc-Embossed Leather Watch can really create an impression on the onlooker. It is designed to enhance the personalities of classy men. The highly functional and elegant Citizen Stainless Steel Watch is also preferred by men for its steel and shimmering finish.