Cocksox, a well-known brand from Australia, is there to make you look and feel sexy and sporty! It’s just the right brand that will make people ogle at your toned physique! Take a look at Cocksox’s newest collection here! Apart from offering chic designs, Cocksox designers also ensure the usage of premium, breathable fabrics that wicks away moisture, keeping the wearer comfortable all day long. To maintain an impressive profile and to remain comfortable all day long, try a wide range of Cocksox products today!

Cocksox has a sexy and sensational range of swimsuits for men. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or indulging in aquatic sports, you will make heads turn with sizzling, colourful and raunchy Cocksox bikini swimwear and thong swimwear.  Trendy and form fitting, Cocksox square cut trunk swimwear is designed to elevate your stunning and steaming looks!

Whatever your preferences, you will surely like Cocksox boxer brief underwear and brief underwear, designed to enhance your profile. The best way to enhance your toned physique is to try some skimpily designed Cocksox G string underwear, jock strap underwear, thong underwear, available in eye catching colours, styles and patterns.  Look hot and remain warm under all weather conditions in Cocksox long underwear pants! For a change, get rid of your saggy tank top T shirts and try form-fitting and well-cut Cocksox tank top T shirts today! Check out Cocksox’s mix & match and multi-packs section as well!

Cocksox is the latest evolution in sexy underwear for men. It seemed unfair to men that the ladies had all the fun in the underwear department so we designed sexy, stylish and comfortable underwear for men to wear every day. The main feature of Cocksox underwear is the specially designed pouch that lifts and supports your 'crown jewels' to give you either an enhanced profile, a more comfortable ride or both depending on the pouch you choose. Cocksox Original pouch is a bit larger and noticeably more 'enhancing' than the Cocksox Snug pouch. The Snug pouch is not quite as 'enhancing' but offers you the same amount of support and comfort as the Original. You'll find the Snug pouch very similar to wearing regular briefs but more comfortable and sexy. So, if you need more room or want to be on show, Original pouch is for you. If you want sexy support without the neighbours knowing, Snug pouch is the way to go.

Cocksox underwear is made from Supplex - highly breathable, very soft, fast drying, colorfast, synthetic fabric with high wicking properties. Cocksox swimwear are made from classic Lycra and Lycra-Nylon blend fabrics - extremely comfortable, long lasting, colorfast, stretchy and silky to the touch, highly chlorine resistant and has a 50+ UPF rating. The combination of superior fabric technology and unique design make Cocksox exceptionally comfortable for extended periods of high activity.