Colin Skinwear

Stefan Colin launched his brand Colin Skinwear to bring about a change in the erotic underwear industry, which he perceived to be dominated by conservative concepts and ideas. To free men from the shackles of conservatism and to make innerwear more sensual and stylish, he launched his brand Colin Skinwear in the Netherlands. His journey was not an easy one. Purchasing a second hand sewing machine from Amsterdam, Stefan started giving shape to his erotic underwear designs. Although the first sets were made for his friends, his designs soon became popular among fashionistas. It was clear that men, fed-up with plain and boring designs, were demanding his sensual and trendy underwear creations. Stephan’s design philosophy is based on three factors – a novel design approach, comfort and the use of premium materials for making various outfits. Recently, Colin Skinwear has come up with their ‘Naked Man’ collection which has become immensely popular among men. Like its tag line, ‘It is between you and me’, the Naked Man collection has brought a change in the underwear industry itself! If you want to boost your manly appeal, check out some Colin Skinwear boxer brief underwear right away! Enhance your toned body and attract amorous glances in trendy, sexy and sporty Colin Skinwear muscle top T shirts and short sleeved T shirts now!