Craft Attack Elite Bike Bibshort Bodysuit Black/White 1900000


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Refined Over Nearly Four Decades And Engineered To The Highest Standards, CRAFT's Bike Range Is In A League Of Its Own.Designed for top performance, CRAFT's Elite Bike collection is for riders who demand nothing ... [read more]


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  • Refined Over Nearly Four Decades And Engineered To The Highest Standards, CRAFT's Bike Range Is In A League Of Its Own.
  • Designed for top performance, CRAFT's Elite Bike collection is for riders who demand nothing but the best. The collection embodies attention to detail, light weight, maximum moisture transport, unparalleled aerodynamics as well as an ergonomic 3D fit. Mesh fabrics with outstanding ventilation and compression fabrics for optimal performance are part of the Elite Bike collection.
  • Garment features: - Carbon fiber fabrics for enhanced thermal regulation - Body control fabric with 4-way stretch to reduce - Flatlock seams for smoothest and most durable seams - Wide and smooth, highly elastic cuff with silicon print - Extremely lightweight fabric with excellent - Fabric combination with different structure for -slip function - Ergonomic seams to follow muscle working - Upper bib provides the freedom to move and - Lighter bib construction with -Craft Elite Pad - Inseam: 25 cm/10(tum).
  • Craft Bike Collection:
  • The Pedaling Body: Designing bike wear that really makes a difference calls for a close examination of the pedaling body. It is pivotal to understand the interaction of the shoulders and hips as well as to grasp how the back, shoulders and arms interplay in riding position.
  • Riding Position Fit: By studying these factors closely, we are able to remove redundant fabric from the armpit area and to adjust the back and front pieces of our bike jerseys for an optimal riding-position fit. We analyze the hips/knees relation in a similar fashion in order to provide bibs with optimal functionality.
  • Craft Elite Collection:
  • Beyond The Ordinary: Our midlayer collection is designed to improve performance for athletes in specific sports. Outstanding ergonomics, ventilation, first-class moisture transport, lightweight fabrics and a perfect fit combine to make these garments something beyond the ordinary.
  • All Layer Bodymapping: Several of our midlayer garments feature an advanced bodymapping, which has been developed to correspond with our baselayer and outer layer garments. Mesh inserts in back, sides and collar allow the moisture transport and ventilation to continue seamlessly from the baselayer to the outer layer.
  • The Craftprinciple:
  • Layer 1: Base layer that efficiently transports moisture away from the skin and distributes it on the outside of the garment, where it either evaporates or is passed on to the next layer. For optimal performance and comfort, CRAFT's underwear should always be worn underneath your outer layers, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Layer 2: Layer 2 provides insulation and warmth while transporting moisture and excess heat to the next layer or into the surrounding air. When the thermometer creeps downward, these garments enable you to retain valuable body heat without reducing your fredom of movement.
  • Layer 3: The third and outermost layer is your shield against the elements and provides comfort and performance no matter the conditions. Transcending the laws of logic, this layer protects against rain, wind and cold at the same time as it releases surplus heat and moisture from the layers underneath.
  • Brand: Swedish brand CRAFT is the pioneer of functional apparel for serious athletes. Since 1977 CRAFT has devoted itself to developing innovative clothing built to withstand extreme requirements in all conditions. CRAFT works closely with its many sponsored athletes and national teams, and focuses on designing the highest performance gear.
  • The brand's foundation is its authentic understanding and love for the sporting culture, reflected in its strong involvement in cross-country skiing, biking, and running. Constantly working on the optimisation of innovative material and construction technologies, CRAFT sportswear is the ideal training and competition gear for all activities year-round.