When Crosshatch entered the fashion arena, many of its competitors, finding it too hard to face the challenge, retreated into the background. Yes, such was Crosshatch’s achievement in the fashion industry at the turn of the millennium. It was also during this time that Crosshatch’s popularity contributed significantly in making the City of Manchester the fashion capital of the United Kingdom at the time. This designer brand was influenced by the colours and zeal of Manchester, which was already famous for its iconic music bands – Chemical Brothers and Oasis, and its ever popular football team. Crosshatch boasts of a team of experienced designers who use the latest technology to create their line of clothing. Although based in Manchester, Crosshatch has now tasted success across the globe. Crosshatch products are found in the closets of fashionable men all over the world. Unique, colourful and eye catching, Crosshatch boxer brief underwear is designed to enhance your sex appeal and make you feel comfortable. Always look fashionable in voguish Crosshatch pants which can make you look stylish and casual at the same time and pair them up with some nice sweaters and windbreakers for a fab look.