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Fabric: Shell 100% Polyester Knit 2,5layer with 4way stretch.Dry Level 10. Dry-10^, all seams taped. The Dry Level communicates the water column of the waterproof fabric and is only used in fully seam sealed Storm ... [read more]


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  • Fabric: Shell 100% Polyester Knit 2,5layer with 4way stretch.
  • Dry Level 10. Dry-10^, all seams taped. The Dry Level communicates the water column of the waterproof fabric and is only used in fully seam sealed Storm System garments. The Dry Level number is expressed in meters of water pressure the fabric can resist. See Figure.
  • Heat Level 6. Full lower body cover. Net/taffeta lining. Waterproof (fabric only). Windproof. The Heat Level stands for the garments ability to protect you against low temperatures. A high level number has a better ability to isolate the heat and keep your body warm then a low level number. What effects the level is the garments insulation volume, if it's waterproof and/or windproof and how much of your body the garment covers. See Figure.
  • Function Level 5. 4way stretch: For maximum comfort and highest flexibility, our 4way stretch fabric flexes in all directions. Adjustable hem: The adjustable hem helps you adjust the garment and keep the heat inside. Adjustable waist: Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of a loose fit or want to keep the heat inside the garment. An adjustable waist lets you easily adjust the size after your demand. Fly with zipper closing. WR zips in exposed zippers: These zippers have a water resistant adhesive on the outside surface. To provide protection from the outside elements with a low profile look and less bulk.
  • Breath Level 6. 6000 g/m??/24 h, ASTM E-96 BW STANDARD. The Breathable Level is achieved using waterproof and breathable fabrics. If a garment is using waterproof and breathable fabric but seams are not sealed this will result in a higher Level number then if it would have had sealed seams. As the seams will let air pass through. The other factor is the ability a waterproof fabric allows moisture vapor to be transported from the inside of the fabric to the outside. The Level number indicates how many kilograms that will pass through 1 m2 during 24 hours. The breathability can be measured in many different testing methods, at Didriksons we use the one called ASTM E-96 BW STANDARD. It's important to also look at the garments function level when you are looking for a garment to be used when you are active as ventilations etc. help you to keep a good microclimate inside your protective shell. See Figure.
  • System Guide: Our garments are divided into four different groups or "systems". Each garment system has its own specific properties. Labeling our products this way makes it easy for our customers to understand how each garment is designed and thus find a product that will meet their particular needs. Storm system: All products marked with the STORM SYSTEM label are specially developed for particularly harsh weather. Their shell fabrics are fully waterproof and all seams are sealed by tape and/or welding. The STORM SYSTEM products are all about protection and they are designed to keep you dry and warm during all weather conditions.
  • Brand: In 1913, Julius and Hanna Didrikson started up the manufacturing of oil garments in Grundsund, Sweden. Here, on the rim of the western coastline where Sweden meets the Atlantic, there was a constant need from the local fishing industry. To continuously improve the product, it was important to be close to the users. Through the years many historical milestones have past, such as oil garments being substituted by rubber material in 1930. The greatest breakthrough occurred in 1947 when the welding machine was invented that had the capability of making the garment waterproof. The first polyurethane materials were developed in 1981, and this began the big volume sales to ordinary consumers. Around the same time, the developments of rain sets made of breathable materials revolutionize the rainwear market. Didriksons is still the market leader of functional clothing. Customers include hunters, golfers, active people and fishermen, but more of the leisure fishing kind with need for modern functional clothing.