Duncan Walton

The stylish and confident always seek out Duncan Walton classy accessories. Founded in 1992, Duncan Walton is one of the leading accessories brands in the United Kingdom. Duncan Walton aims at offering classy, trendy and unique accessory designs to men with cufflink designs that are innovative, striking and versatile. Men who choose to wear Duncan Walton accessories stand above the crowd and enjoy appreciative glances from people around them. Some unique materials and vibrant colour combinations have made Duncan Walton luxury accessories creative and eye catching, making them ideal for any formal occasion.

Check out Duncan Walton cufflinks here! The eye catching designs, striking stone settings, strong swivel clasp and smooth polish make these cufflinks truly desirable. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, these cufflinks are ideal for parties, formal occasions and business meetings. To organize your cufflinks, store them in functional Duncan Walton cufflink cases – also great for gifting purposes!