ES Collection

ES Collection is one of the leading brands in men’s clothing. Established in 2005, this globally renowned brand is based in Barcelona where the men’s line of swimwear and underwear are crafted with great care and precision.  Their collections of hot and sexy menswear are widely in demand among fashion conscious men of all ages.

ES Collection is known for creating wide ranging, unique and diverse swimwear and underwear outfits for men. Their vast collection of comfortable and well designed bodysuits, hats, pants, sleepwear, jammer swimwear, socks, sweaters and windbreakers also deserve mention. You can also take a look at their beach towels or invest in some ES Collection bags for all those trips to the beach.

To showcase your proud physique as well as to enhance your sex appeal, try some of their vibrant and revealing bikini underwear, G string underwear and jock strap underwear designs! Alternatively, check out their bikini swimwear, G string swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear and shorts swimwear designs, which ensure that your curves are attractively enhanced, or don their boardshorts beachwear or ES collection shorts to instantly get noticed at pool or beach parties!

For those who love their briefs and boxers, their well designed and form fitting brief underwear and boxer brief underwear are simply ideal for you! To create a laid back and sporty look with your jeans, casual pants and chinos, they offer supple and comfy long sleeved T shirts, short sleeved shirts, tank top T shirts, short sleeved T shirts too! Check out their armbands and bracelets collection up on offer here!

ES Collection was born in the autumn of 2005, from three businessmen who set out to create a line of men's swimwear with indisputable success. They eventually decided to expand their efforts into men's underwear. From its initial launch at the Lyon fair of just a few samples, thus began a course to make a product with its own unique identity, different from the rest. They are specialised in reversible, tan-through and enhancing swimwear and underwear to make sure men have fun while wearing them.