FU e=fu8

  1. What does e=fu8 mean, stand for?
    e=fu8 is our trademarked formula for the Pleasure Principle. We want everyone who wears; or sees FU e=fu8 to be reminded that life is short/time is of the utmost essence and to maximize their pleasure principle; carpe diem (seize the day); what the Italians called la dolce vita; and the French call joie de vivre.

  2. What made you design men's underwear?
    We felt it was an untapped market; there has always been underwear; but nothing too exciting, we wanted to make something that is the foundation to being well dressed; even if it's underneath the clothes; it starts with the underwear. Our goal was to produce something stylish; yet timeless and just oozing with a feeling of youth and athleticism with every move. You just feel more amazing when you wear great underwear and clothes.

  3. Tell us about the FU underwear customers?
    It is any guy from their teens who starts becoming conscious of fashion; and how fashion & the way one chooses to dress sends a message to those who see them; to young working professionals and those who are older and want well made, super comfortable underwear that fits them like a glove. They can wear FU e=fu8 and just live their best life each & every day.

  4. How did you come about designing the bag?
    Again; an untapped market; there were just simple work bags for men; or sports bags for the gym; but nothing that can do both; nothing that was versatile enough to transition from work to play; day to evening; weekday to weekend and from coast to coast for the jetsetters.

    The bag is sporty; yet European and stylish; it works in all situations and makes the carrier look and feel like a star on the red carpet; it oozes cosmopolitan European city life and carrying it feels like exploring all those great European cities by day and night. It can be your night before; and the morning after bag for men; live your most amazing life and be prepared for all situations w/the Pleasure Principle Bag.

    The bag was co-designed with a prominent Italian handbag designer ; Frank La Mendola; who has over 30 years in the luxury handbag business. He has sourced and worked w/high end luxury women's bags from Italy and Paris; and together; we gave birth to this amazing sporty; yet demurely sleek sophisticated, very masculine lifestyle bag.

  5. What makes FU e=fu8 Underwear different from the rest?
    We are the only underwear and bag brand that has the designers name, FU, and a WTF (no pun intended) formula, e=fu8. In addition; we tapped into the DNA of being a luxury brand that is also practical. A lot of luxury brands are purchased and used only occasionally; we want our brand to be truly wearable luxury that you get the most usage and enjoyment out of; not just sitting in a closet for special occasions. Everyday & every moment is a special occasion.

  6. I love the fabric and the feel of the waistband, it's so enjoyable to wear, will you be coming out with any colors in the near future?
    Yes; currently; available in black and white silhouette; b/c blank and white are timeless; but we will be introducing some colors soon.

  7. What do you want people who wear FU underwear and carry the FU Pleasure Principle bag to achieve?
    We want those who wear and carry FU to live their life with true style and confidence; to not accept mediocrity; to strive to make the most of their life; so when they reflect back on every phase of their life; they have a huge big smile on their face; knowing they came, they saw, they achieved and they conquered with style.

  8. What the most amazing story so far with FU e=fu8 Underwear?
    All of the customers and the repeat customers all over the world who have purchased FU e=fu8 and are wearing and enjoying them as we speak. Knowing that people who see FU e=fu8 on the bag and the waistband; and are going to stop; do a double take and wonder what that brand is all about & what it means?

  9. What is the most amazing story so far with the FU e=fu8 Pleasure Principle Bag?
    It was co-designed by a luxury handbag designer, Frank La Mendola who has been designing luxury for 30 years; and has design bags that are the fashion season's "It Bag". We have gotten so many compliments on the bag; each side has a different size and color logo; so you can decide which side to carry & show the outside world. One side has FU e=fu8 in big bold white lettering that is visible from across the street; the other side is in much smaller gold lettering, FU e=fu8 & the words: maximize your pleasure principle.

  10. Anything else you want to tell our readers?
    Experience the Pleasure Principle Bag and a few pairs of FU e=fu8 Underwear and you will never look back; it is an orgasmic experience to the realm of the senses; the underwear feels and looks great on you; and the bag will not only simplify your life; as you one go to bag for all of life's occasions; but it is a status symbol that whispers assured self sufficient confidence, like a Lanvin suit; an Hermes tie; or a Rolex or Cartier watch; it is a purchase that pays for itself over and over; and that is the absolute priceless genius of FU e=fu8 Underwear and Bags.