Gabriel Croissier

Gabriel Croissier is a famous swimwear label from Spain. Since 2010, this famous designer label has been delivering swimwear under the Gran Canaria Moda Calida seal. Known for offering better quality and trendsetting designs, they succeed in fulfilling the highest expectations of fashion savvy modern men who love to show off their healthy and fit bodies in stylishly seductive and sensual men’s outfits. Gabriel Croissier produces a wide range of colourful, playful and comfortable, body suits, underwear and all kinds of men’s outfits. Explore their hot and trendy designs here now!

To create maximum visual impact as well as to bring out the inner daredevil in you, sport some Gabriel Croissier bikini swimwear, jammer swimwear, square cut trunk swimwear and shorts swimwear designs for your beach or pool outings. If you prefer to showcase your sculpted figure in boxers and briefs, then their form fitting and super comfortable boxer brief underwear and brief underwear designs are ideal for your day to day wear! Otherwise, don their tank top T shirts and short sleeved shirts to showcase your super toned figure in a smart and appealing manner. Dress them up with some chinos or casual pants or denims for those casual hangouts at pubs and bars.

Gabriel Croissier produces all of his collections in Barcelona. Both the design and quality are unmistakably special. His earlier collections include: Atlantic Paradise (inspired by tropical paradises), Utopia (employing abstract art, cubism and futurism as inspiring criteria), Dreams (inspired by dreams taking surrealism as a reference), Collage (taking the artists that used that technique from Picasso to the artists of our days).

After the "Collage" collection, he could not avoid to echo the so-worrying climatic change and named the collection "Eco-Summer". It was inspired by Holland which has been sharing its life with Nature. This collection is based on the way of life who cares about a sustainable development.

This way, the collection invites us to a comeback to Nature, to the origins of the human species. So he uses floral patterns or marine coral patterns for example. The color palette is composed principally of green, blue, red and the silver cocktails between them to put emphasis on the union of Nature and Technology as a route for a harmonic future relation between Nature and Human Beings. Some pieces are accompanied by a card bearing messages like: "In a more and more super inhabited world it is hard to focus beyond daily routines and to reflect on the effects in the long term of the progresses of technology..."

The products go from the extremely low cut to the Brazilian inspiration or some take of the 50s with a super high cut. This brand has been characterized by the employment of slip models rather than the more typical bermuda shorts models. In addition to being more comfortable and drying quicker, it also allows men to show of their masculine legs.

There are some signature collections designed to show fantasy, strong creativity and Gabriel Croissier's taste for the handmade. The embroidery of the pieces, and the mixes of patterns and colours provide a "houte couture" look to the items.

Another very important characteristic is the quality of the pieces. The design and production are all carried out in Barcelona, with special attention given to the finish of the swimsuits. Raw materials for the collection are Italian and Spanish Lycra of the highest quality. Gabriel Croissier is a very exclusive product line that is created not for the masses but for people who want to feel special.