Ginch Gonch

Staying true to their philosophy of “Live like a kid!” the fastest growing Canadian underwear brand Ginch Gonch is famous for its funky and humorous range of men’s outfits. Their flirty and fun underwear styles are every man’s favourite and occupy a place of honour in their underwear drawer. Combining unlimited fun and sex appeal, their innovative designs are always pushing the boundaries of fashion.

Produced using the best raw materials with stunning visual effects, they provide the fit, comfort and appeal that style conscious men look out for in their underwear. Their creations are found in boutiques and department stores in places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong and many more cities.

Appearing in fun and quirky designs like banana, video games and TV, their boxer brief underwear and brief underwear designs are a far cry from the dull and colourless underwear that the market is overcrowded with. Made from finest quality materials, these sassy, low cut and form fitting men’s outfits sculpt your body to perfection! In addition, check out the wide elastic waistbands and the sturdy rear straps of their jock strap underwear range which will provide you with the support and comfort that you need all day long!

Ginch Gonch is one of the hottest and youngest underwear company in the world. Born out of a vision to revitalize the underwear market Ginch Gonch designs are outrageously fun and sassy with a dab of sexual innuendo in every style, pushing boundaries in an effort to instill their motto "Live Like a Kid" in every pair. Now you can re-live the fun with these retro adult size fundies from local Vancouver underwear designer Ginch Gonch. Ginch Gonch underwear designs are witty, flirty and just plain fun. Many of these designs are retro-inspired to appeal to your inner child and keep you smiling throughout the day!