Groom Mate

Since its inception in 1991, the American brand Groom Mate has been offering premium quality and affordable nose and ear hair trimmers for smart and image conscious men of all age groups. Manufactured in USA, their top quality precision oriented Platinum XL range is considered to be the most popular and best selling hair trimmers from their men’s grooming line. Globally, the brand has sold three million units of their range of trimmers. At the same time, their products have received critical accolades from numerous sources like Wired Magazine and Made of 100% polished stainless steel material, their Groom Mate Nose and Hair Trimmer 25400 is perfect for tackling that unpleasant hair protruding from your nose and ears. Highly suitable for your active lifestyle, this hair trimmer can be used anytime, anywhere since it does not require any power source to operate it. Perfect for use at work, home or travel, this compact sized trimmer provides gentle and painless hair removal without causing any kind of injury to the sensitive lining of your ears and nose. Elegantly and simplistically designed, this corrosion resistant trimmer is meant to last forever!  Check out our range of Groom Mate Shaving products and place your orders now!