Julie France

Julie France is a world renowned fashion brand founded by the talented designer Guillermo Job and Tolbert Yilmaz Manufacturing and Eurotard Dancewear in 2007. Offering well designed shapewear solutions to hide all kinds of imperfections as well as provide shape and form to the body, their uniquely designed slimming products are no longer limited to women only but are now being offered to men as well. Made from top quality sweat absorbing microfiber materials, their light and seamless body shapers make use of 3D technology to contour the muscular structure of the body into a desirable shape. With the goal to provide shapewear that helps men and women to not only look but feel their best as well, their products are now sold in more than 50 countries. Instead of wearing your regular tank tops, wear Julie France tank top T shirts underneath your company shirts and experience high levels of comfort and support all day long! While the moisture wicking fabric ensures that you stay cool and sweat-free as you perform your daily activity, the specialised contouring panels of the tank tops not only sculpt your body into perfection but also provide support and improvement to your muscular structure as well. So, get your hands on some Julie France tank top T shirts now!

Julie France utilizes the latest in apparel technology in the Ultimate Body Sculptor T-shirt for men. The lightweight, breathable, microfiber fabric is perfect for layering, providing extra warmth in the cold weather, and keeping him cool and dry during those hot summer months. Also an excellent option for workout wear, the Ultimate Body Sculptor energizes and supports core muscles, while wicking away moisture for a comfortable, cool workout. Anytime is the perfect time for Ultimate Body Sculptor. The Ultimate Body Sculptor, with its innovative seamless 3-D performance technology, proves men don’t have to be born with great genes to look great in jeans.