Manus is a leading swimwear brand from the United States that has a massive appeal amongst the smart and style conscious men of this day and age. Manufactured entirely in the US, the popular men’s swimwear brand aims to provide men with swimwear that not only looks good but offer luxurious feeling at affordable prices. Their swimwear collection boasts of unique prints and stylish solid colours along with the use of fine quality fabrics that are fast drying and comfortable. The designers of this fashion house are always trying to bring you the latest in men’s swimwear that makes you stand out!

If you love to splash around in skimpily designed swimwear then Manus bikini swimwear and square cut trunk swimwear are meant for you! Stylishly cut and in colourful prints and patterns, their designer outfits offer a luxurious feel and fit every single time! Offering you a second skin like feel, their ultra soft and voguish shorts swimwear creations are designed to augment your masculinity the moment you slip them on! If you want to stand out and be the envy of everyone around you, replace your old shorts swimwear with these sexy swimwear pieces right away!