PriapeWear came into existence in Montreal and was earlier named as "This Ain't Kansas" in the year 1997. It was initially a house clothing brand for Priape retail stores in Canada. Currently, PriapeWear is being sold in as many as twenty seven countries across the world. PriapeWear manufactures a wide range of trendy and fashionable apparels for men. Their T Shirts feature unique and trendy slogans. Don their short sleeved T Shirts and spread a unique message everywhere you go. Their underwear designs, on the other hand are seductive, revealing, spicy and very peppy. If you don’t wish to wear the conservative patterns and are willing to experiment, then grab PriapeWear Jock Strap Underwear. Their Bikini Swimwear is astonishingly fabulous and sexy. Try slipping into Thong underwear if you like underwear that has the ability to cover you up appropriately. PriapeWear Boxer Brief Underwear is smart and comfortable. Their Brief Underwear range is perfect for your masculine body and features. Grab PriapeWear Shorts if you love comfortable and fashionable apparel. No matter what style, pattern, color, design and print you are looking for, PriapeWear can offer you one and all.

PriapeWear designs a wide variety of men's fashionable clothes and accessories. Their slogan printed t shirts are bold and gay and can surely spread your message. Their underwear designed to be revealing and seductive, while others add a vibrant touch to otherwise-conservative designs.