Private Structure

Malaysia based Private Structure has created its own unique identity in the mens fashion industry. Private Structure has introduced innovative apparel in various categories such as lounge wear, gym wear and casual wear. Their target customers belong to age group 18-35.

They design unique and innovative Bikini Swimwear and sexy looking Square Cut Trunk Swimwear. Private Structure Boardshorts Beachwear is meant for men who love to indulge in beach activities. Don the Bikini Underwear if you wish to try something different. Their Boxer Brief Underwear style has been admired by many men. Grab Private Structure Brief Underwear in case you want to include unique underwear in your closet. They also design fabulous looking Long Sleeved Shirts and impressive Long Sleeved T Shirts.

Don their Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear if you want to move around with complete freedom. You can also sport their Muscle Top T Shirts the next time you go for a party. They also manufacture pants. Private Structure’s Short Sleeved Shirts are popular in Singapore and other part of the world. Slip into their Short Sleeved T Shirts if you want funky and cool apparel for yourself. They also design smart and comfortable shorts for young men. Sport their Tank Top T Shirts if you want to be the centre of attraction at the party. They also manufacture great looking Sweaters &Knitwear.

For those who dare to be different in style without compromising the fundamentals of being comfortable and being confident of who they are, Private Structure is the SOLUTION to it all. With a creatively driven and acute sense of fashion, Private Structure arrives with challenging new concepts for each brand new seasons, delivering the most appealing and yet the most comfortably structured under gears suited to cater all categories and all needs. Their product range is innovatively diversified, and with new line of products being added every new seasons. Branching out and developing into even wider product lines such as lounge wear, casual wear and gym wear, each range of their products continues to live up to their highest expectations of individuality and character, superb quality merchandise production, sophisticated styles and outstandingly cutting edge designs.

A product that will always remain as a fashion statement through time, yet something just as sensitive and sensual with a unique finish of personal touch. Private Structure's brand identity is dynamic, individualistic, sophisticated, smart, sensual and romance loving. The brand positioning crafts trendy and contemporary fashion focused merchandise for individuals who lead an urban and chic lifestyle; enhancing one's confidence either being dressed or undressed. The brand direction is to emerge as an international brand by creating emotional and personal connections with customers around the world through inspiring product design and compelling marketing while upholding world class product quality and delivery.