Punto Blanco

Punto Blanco brand of menswear was launched with a single point agenda in mind i.e. to provide innovative, stylish and never before seen prints, patterns and designs to men. Pick their Bikini Swimwear if you want people to notice you at the beach.  Their Boardshorts Beachwear is for those who love to indulge in all sorts of beach activities. Shorts Swimwear is yet another captivating product designed by Punto Blanco. Try slipping into the Thong Swimwear for your beach parties or you can also get the Square Cut Trunk Swimwear for yourself. Punto Blanco Boxer Brief Underwear is amazingly comfortable and their Boxer Shorts range is superbly stylish. Get their Brief Underwear in case you are looking for a daily wear. Their Long Boxer Brief Underwear is for men who do like it more covered. They also manufacture sexy and sensuous Bikini underwear and Loose Boxer Shorts Underwear, which is very soft on your skin. Their Thong Underwear range is very popular among men. Punto Blanco Long Sleeved T Shirts are stylish and attractive. You can also purchase Punto Blanco Multi-Packs in case you are looking for one. Try their Muscle Top T Shirts if you have a great body. Their shirts are simple yet sophisticated. Their Punto Blanco Short Sleeved Shirts can be worn to office and casual parties. Punto Blanco Short Sleeved T Shirts are cool and their Tank Top T Shirts are highly fashionable.

BREAKING NEWS: Underwear Company Exploits Graphic Designers to Sell More Underwear

Did you know that the company that owns PUNTO BLANCO, the Valls group, also owns a graphic design company? Did you know that they push those designers around the clock to make new, unique and stylish designs, just so that you can say you’re wearing the finest prints and colors the underwear market has to offer?

Now, we`re sure those designers love their job, but when you look at how much work has been put into the Punto Blanco underwear line - so many fabulous designs and colors, so much passion - you have to feel a bit sorry for those guys and gals because their work is never finished, but that`s good news for you, right? You know that Punto Blanco will never run out of ideas or fall short of being the perfect underwear brand for you. See for yourself. Check out the colors on these sexy Punto Blanco hip hop boxers. If you want something that`s not as loud and in your face, but still elegant and sophisticated, check out the Punto Blanco basix bikini (We guarantee that you`ll forget you have it on!).

And if that`s not enough, they`ve got their own fabric factory where in secret laboratories, behind closed doors, scientists constantly come up with the highest quality fabrics that keep you comfortable, dry and healthy. They even received a reward to prove it. In 2001, they received the Meryl Prize for best fabric manufacturing in Venice, Italy.

We know you expect we`ll brag about the quality, so here it goes: all of the things you read above enable Punto Blanco to stay ahead of the game, delivering only top quality products with supreme comfort, design and durability. Regardless of what Punto Blanco product you choose, you can be assured that the fabrics are expertly manufactured utilizing the latest technology.