Rimba Erotic Fashion

Rimba brand of menswear was established in the year 1971 in Etten-Leur, which is essentially a village situated in the southern Netherlands. The brand was founded by a businessman who used to trade in luxury perfumes. The brand focuses on designing sex toys and sensual clothing.

Currently, the company supplies its products in some of the major international markets such as Germany, Switzerland and France and across Europe. It was in the year 1991 that the company decide to expand and hence moved to a new location all together. The new location was designed to meet the special designing and manufacturing requirements of their vast range of products. In 2008, Rimba again moved to a new location, which was three times the size of the previous one and well capable of meeting the growing demands of its customers.

Rimba basically design Body Suits that are erotic and enticing. Their Brief Underwear is simple yet sensual. Men looking for G sexy pair of underwear will find their G-String Underwear hard to resist. They also manufacture accessories for men. Rimba Men's Vest has grown popular in the past couple of years. You can also grab Rimba Shorts if you are looking for sexy and comfortable pair of shorts. They also manufacture great looking trousers for men.