Safe-T-Gard is for those indulge in sports and adventure activities frequently. They wanted to provide men who engaged in rigorous physical activities with underwear that offered the right kind of extra support. Whether you want to perform heavy exercises or play your favourite sport, once you don the Safe-T-Gard underwear, you will feel extremely comfortable in it. Their underwear are designed to offer complete freedom of movement. When it comes to designing underwear, Safe-T-Gard pays a lot of attention to the cut, style, material and choice of fabric. Each and every piece crafted by Safe-T-Gard is manufactured with great care and caution. Safe-T-Gard Underwear is worn by renowned sportsmen, athletes and adventurer across the globe simply because they are capable of extending ultimate comfort. They are available in a range of colors. Safe-T-Gard’s Brief underwear is one of their most popular products. This brief is specially designed for athletes as it has the ability to extend a lot of comfort. Safe-T-Gard basically uses a mix of polyester and cotton to design their underwear range. They feature waistband that is easily stretchable.