USA based Safetyz brand of menswear is not for the ordinary but for the extraordinary. Men who are tired of wearing the usual patterns can rely on Safetyz for exciting new collections. Safetyz is completely different from other brands of menswear available in the market today. Safetyz underwear comes with a hidden pocket that expands easily and can go up to seven inches. Their underwear comes with zipper that is located just behind the inseam of the groin area. These zippers are made of plastic, whereas the zipper pull is made of metal. All Safetyz products are made from 100% cotton, which clearly means that they are breathable, soft, smooth and easily stretchable. What makes their underwear range all the more unique is the fact that they are all hand made with great care and caution. Safetyz basically offers the Boxer Brief underwear. Made from 100% cotton, this particular underwear is extremely comfortable and can be used as a daily wear. Men who are planning to incorporate new styles and designs in their wardrobe and even those who are looking for a perfect gymwear can consider Safetyz for sure.