Something Wild In California (SWIC)

SWIC (Something Wild in California) brand of men's underwear and swimwear is made in USA. SWIC has been catering to the requirements of men across the globe for the past eleven years now. Whether you are looking for sexy front designs or revealing back patterns, SWIC can provide you with one and all. They design high quality brief, g strings or the bikini and even the thong style, SWIC has the power to impress you for sure. The credit for designing the brand goes to Valeria Valenti. Velenti had been crocheting, designing and sewing clothes since she was eleven years old. She acquired the art of stitching and designing from her mother and grandmother.

Valeria utilized premium quality fabric and textures that were difficult to find elsewhere, which is precisely why her designs became extremely popular in a very short span of time.

SWIC offers Bikini Underwear for those who are fond of sexy and wild apparel. They also offer hand-made Brief Underwear and amazingly comfortable yet stylish G String Underwear.

SWIC Loincloth Underwear is one of their popular products, which has been admired by wearers across the globe and even some of the most renowned fashion experts. Don their Thong Underwear in case you are planning to wear something truly different.