Stiffies brand of menswear was incepted by ace Australian designer, Andrew Archer. Archer was basically an industrial designer and had quite an experience in the field of retail interior designing and exhibition display designing as well. It was his sense of fashion and a passion for designing that prompted him to introduce Stiffies collection of underwear for men. However, the first time he thought of creating underwear for men was when one day his flat mate returned home and shared that he had shown his Stiffies to his girlfriend’s upon her request. Apparently, Archer’s flat mate’s girl friend had liked Stiffies very much. This made Archer realize that he had managed to create something, which was unique and sensational. This prompted him to work hard and later he managed to convince a China based manufacturer to produce his products. Once launched, his products created quite a sensation in the mens fashion industry. What makes Stiffies really different from other brands available in the market is the fact that its underwear range is designed using wood. They design Boxer Brief Underwear, which is absolutely comfortable and worth purchasing.

Stiffies utilise a contoured pocket that is designed like "a push up bra for the penis", with left or right dressing options. Stiffies underwear an evolution of the men's fitted boxer brief, with an easily accessible dual direction sling, that causes the front of the underwear to stretch more prominently around a the profile comfortably positioned... Well, when on show, your Stiffies will really be on show! The wearer simply directs his penis to the contoured pocket on the left or right when he puts on the underwear.