Stud Briefs

Stud is fertility friendly underwear, which makes it completely different apparel from what is currently available in the market. Stud underwear is designed to enhance a couples chances of conceiving. Couples who are planning to start their own family can consider investing in this particular underwear brand for it will only yield great results for them. Dr. Spence Pentland, who I one of the co-founders of the Stud range of underwear always wanted to provide men with something that was truly unique and could help them conceive faster. Spence realized his passion for designing underwear for the first time in the valley land of Southern Manitoba that could enhance fertility in couples. He then resolved to head to Canada and pursue his desires. Stud basically offers two distinct styles of underwear that includes the Boxer Brief range and the Brief underwear range. Stud Briefs Boxer Brief Underwear is soft and subtle and made from premium quality fabric. It offers the fit of a boxer and the support that brief underwear is capable of providing. In case you are looking for something very comfortable, then the Stud Briefs Brief Underwear is a great option.