Tungsten Forever

Tungsten carbide is now one of the most used metals in the whole world. Although it is the mechanical industry that primarily makes use of this precious metal, it is also earning the name of being a fine jewelry material because of its durability.

The word tungsten means “heavy stone” in Danish and Swedish. It is characterized by its distinctive metal gray color that resembles that of a dark gun. It also has an impregnable high gloss that sets it a class apart from almost all other precious metals known to man. The tungsten is also known for its toughness. In fact, it has been proven to be four times tougher than titanium, five times tougher than tool steel, and some 10 times tougher than an 18-karat gold. The tungsten’s characteristics alone make it perfect to be used in any type of jewelry.

Tungsten products now in the market are fashioned through blending tungsten with other fine materials. They are crafted utilizing the newest techniques in manufacturing that were picked up from the frontrunners in the refinement of tungsten jewelry. The most well known of these products are the recent models of authentic and stunning jewelry and watches.

When it comes to tungsten rings, you can see that each of them has been hand-crafted individually with the use of different polycrystalline diamond tooling and diamond abrasives. Having been given permanent polish, these rings are guaranteed to always look brand new. Compared with the cobalt-binder alloy, which is known for its oxidation properties and its tendency to cause allergies, tungsten rings are cobalt free. They are made with first-rate nickel-binder alloy that comes with a feel and an appearance of being noticeably masculine. The tungsten ring’s heavy weight is also another great characteristic to the ring that quite a lot of people enjoy. This solid weight plus its lasting polish makes the tungsten ring as a perfect testament to security, strong commitment, and an enduring bond.